Snack video official registration form for fixed salary 2021

Snack video official registration form for fixed salary 2021

The snack video app has inaugurated the registration form. As followers of snack video administrators, all spirit media users who retain 1000+ followers on another public media platform can collect payment by adding their account link snack application.

Presently, this app is employing YouTubers, freelancers, and the creator that serves as a government creator and adores all privileges with monthly income. Consequently, You can register immediately if you have 1000 followers.

How to obtain fix salary from the snack video?

If you are the creator of any other app then you can join snack videos and receive a fixed salary by formulating videos. But Salary is based on several followers. If you maintain 10k followers then you get 5000 rupees. Through the table which is given below you can check your salary;

Followers Fixed salary
1k-5k $30
1k-5k $30
5k-50k $50
50k-100k $80
100k-300k $100
300k-500k $130
500k-1M $150
1M-2M $200
2M-3M $300
3M-5M $500
5M+ Desired

How to fill the registration form?

The professional indicates that you should enter the accurate information and link. So that your account can be signed to the official database server. Below 8 steps that you should follow to fill registration form;

1st Step:(Read the instructions)

Open the form and read the rules and criteria given in this form.

2nd Step:(Name)

Firstly, enter the name with the exact spelling. If you put wrong information then you can lose your revenue.

3rd Step:(Profile link)

When you open a snack video app then copy the profile link from the front page.

4th Step:(Paste social media link)

Copy and paste your social media link into the next tab that presents on the registration form.

5th step:(Inform about follower number)

In this step writes the correct number of followers. To get the registered minimum number of followers must be 1000.

6th step:(Mention your gender)

You can select gender male, female or other. This is a crucial step to impose the user in the right tab.

7th step:(WhatsApp number)

You must enter the proper number because administrators may be in contact with users to assess his/her identity.

8th step:(Submit form)

You must fill the form with more attention. Before submitting this form you should carefully read all detail.

Registration form benefit:

After submitting this form you become an official snack video content creator. You will get views and likes from your other social media platforms when you make a video on a snack video app. In this way, your content thrives speedily, and watch time also boosts. Due to the more likes or views, you get maximum dollars.

Snack Video Official Registration Form Link

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