Amazing Concept – Snack Video App – Online Earning in 2021

Amazing Concept – Snack Video App – Online Earning in 2021

Snack video is a great opportunity for those people who want to make money online. Content creators and users both earn through this app. There are numerous courses of action by which you can make a pile from this application. In this article, we’ll elaborate on what is snack video app is, its features, how to download this app, tricks to get money, and how you can withdraw money from this app.


  • App description
  • What is a snack video app?
  • Features
  1. Uploading
  2. Editing
  3. Filters
  4. Sharing
  5. Notifications and comments
  6. Live video streaming
  7. Duets

Download Now

  • How to download the app?
  • How to make an account on the app?
  • Strategies to earn money from the app
  1. Registration reward
  2. Daily rewards
  3. Invite friends
  4. By advertising
  5. By selling
  6. Video contest
  • Updates in snack video application
  • Tactics to increase followers
  1. Profile
  2. Post videos
  3. Use hashtags
  4. Share on other social media networks
  • How to withdraw cash from the Snack video application?
  • Conclusion

App description:

Name Snack video
Operating System Android
Rate 4.3 stars
Origin China
Founder Sunny Wu from China
CTO Gordon Sun from America
Inventor Singapore

Snack video app:

Snack video App was introduced last year as a contender to TikTok. It is a social plan of action that allows you to create, watch and download mini video clips. These clips are created using dramatic scenes, background music, and dialogs. All you have to do is browse the app and find the videos according to your interest. This app advertises products and spent money to hire content creators.


  • This app allows users to upload their videos.
  • Video editing features of the app permit the users to cut, rotate, flip or control the speed of videos.
  • A variety of filters and effects are available by using them you can create your amazing videos.
  • The most compelling feature of the snack app is social sharing.
  • The snack app informs the video creator through notifications who liked or commented on their videos.
  • By using live video streaming, users can get money from their user’s virtual gifts.
  • Using the Duet feature users make Duet dare and enhance the ability to earn.

Procedure to download and make an account on snack video app:

There are few steps to download and create an account on snack video app on your phone, which are explained below

Step 1:

Open the Google play store, search the snack video app, and click on the install icon.

Step 2:

Open the snack app and click on the profile option.

Step 3:

You’ll see three options like Facebook, Google, and phone. Choose only one option you like. After this, you’re logged in on the app. Finally, you can create and post videos.

Strategies to earn money from Snack video app:

Registration reward:

When you download the app and sign up then you get 200 points immediately. After this coins will be added to your account.

Daily rewards:

On snack video applications, you can make money by checking breakfast videos. You get daily rewards also if use snack video regularly.

Day 1 = 200 coins

Day 2 = 400 coins

Day 3 = 800 coins

Day 4 = 200 coins

Day 5 = 400 coins

Day 6 = 200 coins

Day 7 = 1599 coins

Invite friends:

You boast your earnings by inviting new friends. No app gives money as compare to this feature. You’ll follow beneath procedures

1. Copy invite code

2. Tell your friends to install the app

3. Create a new account

4. Give your invite code

5. When you’re friend adds your code then you will get the reward.

By advertising:

It is an elementary technique for bringing in cash from Snack video by advertising the product of any organization. In such a way, you make videos on the product of the organization and get cash in return.

By selling:

You can sell their products online if you have good followers. Many peoples earn cash by selling bracelets, phones, and many other products.

Video contest:

Snack video app arranges a variety of contests on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

You can join this contest and get rewards like watches and phones.

Updates in snack video application:

Here I’ll discuss some changes in the snack app

o Invite 10 friends and get Rs.7000

o Invite old friends and get help to earn money

o Earn Rs.30000 on weekly events

o Cast your videos and get rewards

Tactics to increase followers:

Here we discuss some tricks through which you can increase your followers


Your profile picture would show to users in every video. So, it should be attractive and clickable.

Post videos:

When you post videos consistently then this activity engages you with your users. They are ready to consume videos all the time.

Use hashtags:

It is a unique trick to increase followers. Hashtag functionality of snack video app is used on video descriptions. It makes your post available to users who find the same keyword. Most trending hashtags are

 #EidwithEidhi

 #Snow wonder

 #Actingstar

Share on the other social media platforms:

You need to share your snack videos to other platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram. In such a way your eyeballs would be increased and you get more and more followers.

Method to withdraw money from Snack video app:

Go to profile settings. Click on the option on the top right corner and go to the snack app setting. Here you will see the phone number option, Enter an easy paisa account. After this, you will receive a verification account on your number. Your number will be registered when you put this code on desired space. When you click on the coin option then you will see their Pakistani rupee.

When you click on the return option then a new page will appear. You will receive 25-200Rs and You can withdraw only once per day.


You should explore this app because it allows you to earn money online and come up with authentic, fascinating, and humorous videos. That will make your whole day enjoyable. We make it easy for you by giving you detail on how you can use, explore and earn through it.

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