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How To Use Free Internet All Networks Without Package

How To Use Free Internet All Networks Without Package

You can get free internet access without any package, but this may be includes some sort of trap. That’s why varied portals activated such a discussion about net impartiality, and why zero rating can be awful for the users. This issues are still developing, but there are many apps on the that are giving users free data without any impediments.

Here is the detail of such apps that provides you free data on all networks without any package.

Free data app get 25 GB free internet – All network:

This free internet data app that every month provides you up to 25 GB and 100 GB of free internet for all networks. Its also gives suggestion about best free internet data defy free recharge every day.

This free internet app which very understandable to utilize to recharge free data for every network. You can gain up to 50 GB free MB data. Using this recreation app to get 1 GB to 25 GB for internet data to VPN proxy master.

You can also Win free daily, weekly and monthly free internet for all countries with few simple steps. For this only unfold the free recharge app.

App description:

App version 1.0.1
Proposed by Zeemtaf
Updated on Aug25,2021
Released on July28,2021
Download size 4.05Mb
Download 10,000



With Gigato you will never have to wait for Wifi. It gives free unlimited data for Android. It enable the users to earn data on the app which can be redeemed from your carrier.

When you install this app then it will indicate different apps which you have already in your phone you can utilize this to earn data. It will give suggestion to install other apps to get data advantage.

Method to use Gigato app:


Firstly download Gigato.


Once you download Gigato, all the apps that supporter with us are eligible to repay you for the data expended on their apps with available mobile recharge prestige on 2G, 3G and 4G.

When you share Gigato with your friends then earn bonus data.

When you attain 150MB you can receive a recharge for use on anything.

Daily free internet data tricks up-to 10 GB data:

Daily free internet data tricks up-to 10 GB data practically give tactic how you can obtain free internet on all networks. All functionality of this app is very helpful to our precious users application. It ease to users. They don’t require to recall voluble every network used code of various packages which primarily utilized everyone in everyday vitality. This App has user-friendly interface.

App description:

Version 1.3
Developed by Amazinginvemtions
Updated on Sep24, 2021
Released on Aug13,2021
Download size 6.98 Mb
Download 100,000


HydroVPN – Free VPN & secure app, Faster internet:

This app has a 100% free VPN. VPN is used to

figuring the Internet connection and also protect information and transmit between varied locations. HydroVPN is faster VPN to proxy site you can watch videos. you must accept to the end user authorization agreement and Privacy Statement.


  • This app has unlimited data, time and bandwidth
  • It is free app.
  • No log is recouped from any user
  • It protect your privacy
  • No additiono permission require
  • It can be connected with VPN with one tab
  • Work with Wifi, 5G, 3G, and 4G.
  • A large number of server
  • No need for any registration

App description:

Version 4.1.3
Developed by HydroVPN
Updated on Sep8,2021
Released on 27Aug,2021
Download size 5.24 Mb
Download 50,000+
Rating 4.1 stars


The Databack app gives you free Internet data for consecutive browsing. Through this app, you can get 3G and 4G data pack capacity.

Method to use Databack app:


Install this app.


After this, enter a name, number, promo code, email id and click on apply.


Verify your number.


You can begin referring your friends and get the bonus by taping on the invite option.


When you install the databack with referral number then you will get a few Mbs which can be repaid after you have 120 MB in your carrier.


  • This app daily saves 25% of mobile data.
  • You can earn 3G, 4G, and up to 50 Mb daily by spinning wheel.
  • Offline mode of this app work without the internet.
  • It also monitors your internet usage


This app gains popularity because it present free 3G data for Android users.

Method to use Kickbit app:


Download this app from Play Store.


Add details and assess your mobile number by entering the OTP.


When you install this app, then the user will get 10 to 50 MB as a bonus


Begin referring your friends through social media platforms to obtain more MBs.


When your friend receives 100 MB data on KickBit, there is an alternative for you to receive 10MB data. Read More: 5 Best Wifi Apps for Android – My internet Speed


In the age of smartphones, everyone desire to access the internet on their phones, but due to elevated internet payments, it is becoming very difficult for us to enjoy it. So, by using all these apps that are given above you can use free internet on all networks without spending money.

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