Download Tech Hua Bitaim latest version – 2022

Download Tech Hua Bitaim latest version – 2022

Tech Hua Bitaim is the latest application for carom pool and other board games that enables players to enhance their gaming skills by utilizing latest image recognition technology.

This latest version allow you to enjoy many mobile games. You can download it free and play mobile games in several genres like action, horror, shooting, puzzle, simulation, 3D, fighting, and many more.

But Carrom Disc Pool is greatly stimulating games as it lets you play with people. But if you need to get better in game, then you’ll use Tech Hua Bitaim. This is an AI assistant that will assist you.

When you’ll browse this article, then you are able to know about the third-party app that will give valid reasonable results about direct, in-direct, and many bumps of the coin.

What is Tech Hua Bitaim?

Tech Hua Bitaim is an AI tool for accurate assistance that facilitate valid forecast of direct and indirect shots and numerous collisions of coins. In lulubox you has only one line but Tech Hua Bitaim provide you multiple lines to play shots

Tech Hua Bitaim is an updated version of the new A1IM service that enables its players to enhance their gaming understanding and knowledge. Tec Hua Bitaim is only design for practice and free trial. It is not associated with the real carrom game.

This updated version uses your screen image and image recognition technology before playing recordings for coming simulations. It will enable you to practice all the carom master shorts and by practicing you will become an experienced carom player.

Features of Tech Hua Bitaim:

Free Tool:

This app is free of use. You don’t have to spend anything on it. Because It is designed only for practice goals. You can download this for free.

Extra premium shots:

Open Tech Hua Bitaim from app manager, after that you will able to get free premium shots and can alter the consistency and colour of the line.

But if you open the app without using app manager then you will not get it’s extra premium features.

AI Assistant:

Tech Hua Bitaim has all kinds of mobile games that you can play whenever you want.

Line hide:

By using this line hide feature you can hide laser line in video recording. According to the carrom pool table color adjust the colour or size 1 of line. After that super line will not appear in the video.

Variety of shots:

There are many types of shots are available in the carom pool that you can score. These comprise upper V-side shots, coin-back shots, striker back shots, lower V-side shots, V-side shots, double coin shots, and many more.

Exercise getting better:

To doing better in carrom pool, you require to practice often against skilled players. With this latest version you can virtually practice and get better because you have AI assistance.

Method to install Tech Hua Bitaim on Android:

If you’re a fresh Chrome player and want to improve your gaming knowledge, then switch to the exciting Bitaim and download its new version by following given below steps from our website.


Firstly, download Apk file.


Once the download is completed, then you will find the APK file in the downloads section of your browser.


Before installing this app on your device, you require to make sure that third-party apps are enabled on your phone.


Open Menu in your device.


After that click on Security and check for unknown sources so that your phone can install app from sources other than the Google Play Store.


After completing the step, now open the browser in your phone to download.


Now tap on the file. An installation prompt will occur inquiring for permission and you can complete the installation steps. Once the installation is complete, you can utilize this application.


You can utilize Tech Hua Bitaim for Carrom Pool to practice it. It is not designed for any big competition.

How to use Tech Hua Bitaim in Android?

This new updated version gives you free premium shots that aim carrom provide. When you log in game with a Facebook id, it will operate for 30 minutes without any charges. After that, it will automatically shut down and you have to log in again. In the future, maybe its time limit will be enhanced. To use this app longer, you can try its premium plan and play the game for endless time.



Tech Hua BitAim is a customize board game that’s useful for players to play a formal board game. If you prefer to play it, avail unlimited free coins and try latest features then download this new version and share this extraordinary this updated version with your friends and family.

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