How to Check WhatsApp Detail latest method | W-Tracker 2021

How to check WhatsApp detail latest method 2021

WhatsApp is an incredibly outstanding social application W-Track today and millions of people are utilizing it to disseminate with each other. If you send the messages to someone and desire to receive the answer immediately and seeing him/her online bliss up your mood.

In another situation, If you are a parent then you are upset to see your offspring online at the time of education and sleeping. So, it’s best to install last-seen online tracker apps for Android. With the assistance of these apps, you can easily check the online timings of anyone.

When your child or friends are online these apps give notifications you can communicate with them. Contrarily, it becomes disturbing to check WhatsApp again and again whether the required someone is online or offline.

In this article, we’ll give you the detail of the latest and incredible app W-track, and the pro version of W-track.

W-Track (last seen):

It is the best parental supervision app for WhatsApp online workouts. It saves your kids from social media obsession. Safely, put in your family members and initiate an inspection.

This app is apt to trail a number’s online status on WhatsApp. You can also analyze how many times the contact logged in or logged out and at what time.

It is practical to trace the activities of users even they suppressed their last seen. Even, you can trace the last seen of such a person who blocked you.

App detail:

Version 1.0.4
Category Free tool app
Offered by Universus Teknoloji Ltd
Released on Sep28,2020
Update on July 1, 2021
Rating 3.8 stars
Download 100,000+
Download size 10.06MB
Requirements Android 5.0+

Featured setting:

  • Delete numbers
  • Report to your email
  • Mute notification

How to download?

Google Play W-Track: Last Seen 3.8   (1K)

W-tracker pro version:

The pro version of the W-track is available and this version has amazing features. It is free to use and you are apt to regulate the time from now to the future. This application enables you to bring more customers and produce more earnings on your website.

The W-tracker pro version will send you notifications when visitors reach your website. Another incredible aspect is its integration with Google Analytics. Through which you are eligible to trail the performance of your website.

This app also tells you which keyword combination is popular. By which you can categorize your web pages and rank on top pages of google.

How to install?

To download this app log on to your W internet account and search at the google play store for the app. When you install it on your device then you can track your time online. Now click on the W-tracker icon to initiate your W program and watch your IP, location, and so on.

Way to check earnings:

If you want to check your earnings then click on W tracker tells search on the Google map how many trackers paid you.

W-Tracker is safe or not?

It is an entirely safe platform for the users and works satisfactorily for the user with different needs. It is simple to use and has a user-friendly interface.

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