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If you’re interested in board games i-e carrom & 8 pool ball and wish to predict your blow at prior be so you have to install and download the upgraded version of the new AI Aim service/compensation instrument (application) of “bitAim” on your Android phones and tabs.

In this modern era, you have knowledge that games are more popular equally for Android and iOS customers from throughout the globe.

Players want to know about advance/upgraded technology, tools, and paraphernalia to deal with the games either they have to spend lum-some amount for this purpose.

Through this piece of writing, you will able to know about the bottom-most third-party app that will be beneficial for those players who took interest in carrom and other board games which will give true acceptable results about in-direct, direct, and numerous crash/bumps of the coin regarding games.

BitAim is the most advanced app break by the creators/ designers in the first place and became part of petty board games.

Meanwhile, there’s a bright hope that designers will append further board games in Bit Aim.

Rather than prognosis/forecast BitAim is the source of boost master carrom and 8 pool blow in games for free of cost.

What is the BitAim app?

It is discussed earlier that BitAim is the upgraded version of the new A1 Aim service/compensation instrument/application that makes its players efficient in their games expertise by Bit Aim usage that is the blend of advanced image identification high-tech.
The fundamental purpose of bitAim app is to enhance the game expertise of players that’s why players are encouraged for bitAim usage just for a free trial.

If you’re practicing championship and online matches then you have to stay away from Bit Aim because it’s not linked with a genuine carrom game.
Suppose that you’re a fresh carrom player and demand to refine your game expertise subsequently move towards the amazing BitAim app for free of cost from our website or retrieve it from any third-party portal by following the steps that are given below.

Which technology is practiced by the BitAim app to predict future shots in-game?

In consonance with app columns, they claim to append an upgraded image identification tactic that is helpful to forecast your future shots through your screen representation ahead to play BitAim.

Besides forecast, it enhances the shooter expertise by the usage of advanced representation high tech for free of any charges.

Which specific carrom shots players will get through BitAim APK?

In Bit aim designers have included various new shots that are useful for players have to avail platform to use shots like.

How to download and install the BitAim download app?

From any third-party portal or any third-party app store, you can download the BitAim app directly if you’re interested to get a coin detection app for popular board game carrom. Due to some legal actions, the BitAim app is not temporarily available on the Google play store. You can get access to bitAim from the given link that is provided by this article.

The following steps will help to operate this app effectively.

How to use BitAim APK while playing the carrom game?

When you’re done with the download then adopt the following steps to operate BitAim.

1) Click on the start button and give desired permission.
2) After the scan you can open carrom pool game
3) Now place the scan button in any direction but no need to click on the carrom board button.
4) When you’re done with the scan now press it before playing any shot or coin alter their position.
5) Place your striker away from a position from which place you want to play your shot and then scan.
6) Coin that is very near to each other can’t be detected.


BitAim is an upgraded board game that’s beneficial for players to operate popular board game carrom with free gems and coins. If you wish to play it, avail free coins in carrom then download the only BitAim and also share this amazing Bit Aim solution with your social circle and family.

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